The Right Now Real Estate

A Real Estate Portal designed to focus on you.

It's a property portal. It's a social network.
Mostly, it's really all about you. RealtAsia showcases you and your services just as well as we do your property listings.


Conversations matter.

Exchange ideas in a public or private setting. Create opportunities for people to write testimonials on your services. You can even write one for co-workers or co-brokers. RealtAsia provides a way for people to subscribe to your updates so you can send that important message to those who matter.

Instant interactivity.

Users can comment on, like or subscribe to each individual property listing. They get to see attached brochures, pictures or videos without ever leaving the page.
Answer queries once in comments and have everyone else read it.

Real time updates.

Access the latest developments and events in any location. Never miss out on up-to-date information while you are viewing a property. Instant notifications of a person or place you are subscribed to keeps you in the know.

Just the tip of the iceberg.

We'll share the details of our roadmap and a list of features with you when you join our community

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